Leave your Old Home in Chiltern HP14 Pristine with Featherby & Moore End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you’re moving to a new home the last thing you need to be worrying about is the cleanliness of your old place. Sadly, this is a necessary task, particularly if you’re moving on from rented accommodation. Delight your landlord and free yourself up to concentrate on your new horizons. Hand your end of tenancy cleaning over to the trustworthy team of Featherby & Moore in Chiltern.

Your whole house will be worked through by our meticulous Chiltern end of tenancy cleaners. There will be a check list to make sure that all work is completed to first class standards. Empty homes display any dirt or dust let behind. The quality of our cleaning will ensure that your landlord will be content and your deposit will be returned.

Featherby & Moore Superior Move Out Cleaners in HP17

Oven cleaning comes as a standard part of our Chiltern end of tenancy cleaning service. Expect a through cleaning of your whole house, using specialist detergents of a quality which you won’t find in high street shops. Add window cleaning to this service and your landlord will be able to see how well you’ve cared for his property. Treat yourself too, start your life in your new home with our one off cleaning service.

Our customer feedback in Chiltern speaks for itself. Take a moment to read it. With our end or tenancy clears you can be certain that:

  • We work to a check list, so you can be certain that all of your end of tenancy cleaning jobs will be completed
  • Free re-cleaning if there’s anything your landlord is unhappy with
  • Bathroom tiles are de-scaled and your oven will be cleaned as a standard part of the service
  • You can book for an overnight service or any time that suits your moving schedule

Book Now for a Featherby & Moore Chiltern End of Tenancy Cleaner

Our booking system is very straightforward. Call us 24/7 on 01494218054 to make a booking for your HP17 end of tenancy cleaner. If you have any outstanding questions, ask our courteous employees to clarify the things that are unclear. When you want a free quote, just say so and we’ll set it up.

We’re available online 24/7 too. Use our handy chat feature for answers to questions, to request a quote or make a booking for Chiltern end of tenancy cleaning. Finally, if you want us to call you back at a time that suits you fill in our enquiry form and we’ll give you a call.